Freedom from glasses.

We offer contact lens fittings for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and multifocal correction from top brands like Acuvue, Alcon, Coopervision and Bausch+Lomb. We also offer custom specialty lenses including scleral, ortho-K and RGP lenses (rigid gas permeable) for more complex needs.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a complete beginner to contact lenses, we work with our patients to find the right fit for their lifestyle and day to day needs, ensuring great comfort and clarity.

Soft lenses

Most people opt for soft lenses. They tend to be more comfortable and are available in a wide-range of prescriptions, even for those with astigmatism and presbyopia.

During a soft contact lens fitting exam, your doctor will assess the health of your eyes, shape of your cornea, and lifestyle needs to determine the optimal lens for you.

After a successful assessment and fit, the next step is to make sure you like your lenses. We send you home with trial lenses in your prescription to try out and ensure you are happy with them before ordering a supply.

New to contact lenses? No problem! We can teach you how to properly use and care for contact lenses, including inserting and removing them.

Through our partnership programs with Acuvue, Alcon, Bausch+Lomb and Coopervision, we are able to offer contact lenses at competitive prices, with additional rebates and promotions regularly available for most brands. Simple online ordering is available at our webstore.

Specialty lenses

For some people, soft contact lenses may not be optimal. We are proud to offer a new level of expanded care with specialty lenses, including scleral, ortho-K and RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses for more complex needs.

Scleral lenses are gas permeable lenses with a wide diameter. These lenses have a pocket that fills with moisturizing tears. This wet, lubricating cushion leads to a very comfortable wearing experience all day long. The large size of the lens also protects your eyes from debris, dust, and allergens. In addition to continuous moisture being provided to the eye, scleral lenses also can improve vision to those with irregular corneas from diseases like keratoconus or severe dry eye.

Scleral lens

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K), also known as overnight corneal reshaping, is an effective and reversible medical treatment approved by Health Canada for children and adults. This treatment is achieved through overnight wear of custom designed ortho-k lenses to correct for refractive error when removed upon waking.

The contact lenses are made from highly gas permeable materials which allow oxygen to reach the surface of the eye while sleeping. Orthokeratology has also been effectively used in myopia control for children, allowing freedom from glasses and contact lenses while awake.

Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses are usually made from plastic combined with other materials. They hold their shape firmly, yet they let oxygen flow through the lens to your eye. Despite their name, RGP lenses can provide comfortable and clear vision.

RGP lenses are especially helpful for people with high astigmatism and other types of high prescriptions. People who have allergies or tend to get protein deposits on their contacts may also prefer RGP lenses for comfort.

To determine which type of lens is best for you, please book an exam or contact our office.

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